I’m 22 and I want to start now

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I’ve been interested in renting, owning, and selling properties. I have support from my family(in law) that are interested in starting as well. So finance is something I’m not too worried about at the moment as I work and have no money struggles as of now, I am married and my wife works as well. I want to start with something like a Duplex. But first, what do I need to even be able to rent out something to somebody. I’d assume I need a license to be able to. What should I research first I know there is plenty of post with this information but if anyone is willing to tell me directly that helps. The goal is having to not work a 9-5 with my youth still in tact. I guess I’m more looking for direct words of encouragement and small but helpful tips for someone looking into this area.

I think it's great you are starting out early.  House hacking would be the way I would start if I was single or married without kids, heck even with a kid.  If you haven't read @brandon turner's book on rental property investing, make that your first priority.  Then do one thing each day to move toward your goal.  Crunch numbers on deals and when you've done that for all the deals in your area and are bored, start getting your documents together: Tennant pre-qualification list, rental application, rejection letter, lease and addendums, etc... Crunchn numbers on more deals. Good luck!