Raising Capital for First Multifamily Acquisition

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I'm looking for suggestions on how to raise capital for my first deal without asking for handouts from family and friends. I can underwrite and market targets and convey my overall strategy; however, I am having trouble finding private lenders, investors to partner with, and the appropriate time to pitch myself to the aformentioned.

Any advice welcome. Thank you all.

@Ethan Wagner

Aside from the constructive criticism @Steve Hall gave you, I'd say, step back and educate yourself by reading books on MFH investing and syndications, listen to podcasts on the topic and network with other MFH investors. In other words, surround yourself by people that are already doing it to learn from their experience. No need to recreate the wheel. 

Aside from that, I'd say most people will invest in YOU rather that your deal. It takes time to build such credibility. So you have to be patient with the process. Along the way make sure you're building your credibility book that reflects the work you're doing and clearly shows the results (aka expectations for your future investors). 

My best!