Looking to link up with people from Indianapolis!

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I am planning a trip out to Indianapolis, Indiana to check out the area. I am from Southern California looking to invest there but think it would be a good experience to check out the area first. If you invest there, live and invest there or have anything to do with real estate investing in Indiana lets connect on here and possibly link up when I take my trip. It will be around the end of May and beginning of June. Look forward to hearing from all of you! 

Understood.  Airfare is apparently higher during Memorial Day weekend due to the INDY 500 race.  

You’ve checked out the Indianapolis ‘Investors guide to grading INDY neighborhoods’ no doubt...  My take on this map is it seems pretty accurate even though investing here can be vastly different on a street by street basis.


I bought the tickets one month ago, so they weren’t that bad! The map seems to be a strong base but definitely fine tune it with advice from some boots on the ground wouldn’t you say?