Starting career as realtor

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Hope you all are doing well, i wish to start my career as realtor, i have just moved from Pakistan here in San Antonio, kindly let me know the whole procedure to become a realtor.



Thnks mike castellow, i have done MBA from Pakistan, yes I have not completed the course requirements for realtor yet but wanted to know the pros and cons of the real state agent career in San Antonio whether I should opt it or not. Kindly let me know what difficulties i could face and also rewards. I will be highly gratful. 



@Pari Rizwan I don't have a clue as to what your goals in the real estate industry are so I would have no way of knowing if a sales agent license would be of a benefit to you. My best advice without knowing what you want to do would be to attend some of the local meet ups and to reach out to a local real estate broker at one of the big name brokerages to discuss whether this is a viable path.

Thanks mike castellow, thank you so much, my goal is to become a realstate broker but before being broker i must have real state agent experience (according to my knowledge). I am a new entrant in USA i know any local meetups i would be gratfull if you would suggest me some , and secondly would those people allow me to attend?