Hello, BiggerPockets community!

My name is William and I’ve been researching real estate for a while now. The main aspect that interests me (for the time being) is wholesaling.

Yes, I understand that every new person claims they want to do wholesaling because of the supposed lack of monetary investment. However, my motives are different. Wholesaling draws me because it gives me a chance, while I’m young, to put my skills and work ethic to the test and get into the real estate world. I very much plan to build a rental portfolio, but my mission for now is to delve into wholesaling.

I made the “mistake” of buying a course on wholesaling, which actually did give me some good information. However, it didn’t give me everything I think I’ll need.

Anyway, I was just hoping to see if anyone has any advice, tips, or help they could give me. Anything and everything is appreciated.

(I am 23, I have never even bought a personal home, so I am not even familiar with the closing process.)

Thanks everyone!