Recommended real estate books

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I'm new to real estate investing and would like to learn this business to eventually make it a solid secondary income. I have seen other people suggest to new guys that they should read the forums, but at least for me, I do not learn well this way. I need my information to be highly organized to understand it, so I think I'd benefit from a few good books.

Can anyone recommend some good books to read? I'm especially interested in buying with no money down (I have only 10k to work with). From there I don't know if it would be better to hold the property or renovate it and sell it, so I'd like some solid recommendations for either subject.

Thank you for all your advice and recommendations

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad's Guide to Investing - Roberth Kiyosaki

Rich Dad's The Prophecy - Roberth Kiyosaki

Real Estate Riches - Dolf Deroos

Other Peoples Money - author???

Building Wealth One House At a Time - author???

that's a start.

Donald Trump - RE Strategies
Robert kiyosaki - Tax and legal secrets (check all info read with CPA / Lawyer to ensure its still applicable
for motivation you can read some of Tony Robbins books or watch some videos they're very entertaining.

I'm a firm believer in starting out with a focus on one investing technique. Too much information leads to the dreaded "Paralysis of Analysis". Been there, done that.
So I would recommend starting with lease options. They are easy to understand and utilize. Best wishes!

Be sure to check your state laws about lease options before investing too much time into doing them. In Texas, legislation has made one extermely liable if very strict rules are not followed. So strict that LO's are pretty much dead in Texas.