Real estate investing strategies are so numerous it's hard to "pick" one.

the problem with "picking" a real estate investment strategy is they're not like mutual funds.

to be a real estate investor, you've got think like a businessman. a businessman or entrepreneur, is a control freak - they want to figure everything out and have the satisfaction of control.

real estate investment strategies do not match the modern-day "investor"...people with 401k's who "pick" a portfolio are not investors. heck, the portfolio managers are not entrepreneurs, they're employees of a HUGE company and they manage these gigantic funds with so many different companies, it's no wonder there's no money in mutual funds.

real estate investment strategies involve looking at CASH FLOW. CASH IS KING! approach your learning experience diligently and you'll be surprised what you can learn in 3 to 6 months - what's 6 months in a lifetime? give yourself that much time to learn about being an entrepreneur and figure out what real estate investment strategy or strategies, are best for you...