Just getting started, looking to connect

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Me and my husband have been spending the last year doing research and preparing to take our first step into rental property investing. We are looking to start building our team and connect with anyone that has similar interests as ours. We are also looking to meet and chat with anyone that has any advice to offer about getting started in the Nebraska market. Our hope is to take our first step within the next 6 months to a year and that would involve purchasing our first property, specifically three or four plex so that we can start out with house hacking and live in one of our own units to start while we slowly start to grow our business. If anyone has any advice to offer or you are from the Nebraska Area or on properties in this area and are looking to connect and possibly work with someone who is starting out please message me. Thanks everyone !

Google REIAs in your area. Check out meetup.com, and BiggerPockets events section. You might find something in your area.
This is going to sound crazy: If you don't find anything in your area, start something. I run a multifamily group in my area and it has been a great thing.