When creating a FB and Instagram page do I use my name or the LLC

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Hi there, I am brand new to real estate and just recently became a member last week. I am interested in starting my new venture in wholesaling. I still hold a full time job and think with my limited time this would be the best option for success to start with before transitioning into this full time. I am assuming I would have to start a LLC. How do I go about doing that in the most cost efficient way? Do I need to hire an attorney to set this up? Once the LLC is established do I set up my FB and Instagram accounts under the LLC or in my name. I want to get this correct the first time since I never had either one of these accounts.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

@Jeff Meszaros

Common misconception with wholesaling is that it's an easy thing to dabble in and make money. That cannot be further from the truth. If you want to be successful, especially starting out, it's a full time gig plus more. It's a ton of marketing, being on the phone, driving, doing walkthroughs, and negotiating if you want to find deals that investors will actually buy.

If having a second full time job doesn't scare you, (and this is only my opinion - therefore not legal advice) When you are starting out wholesaling, I think creating an LLC would be a big expense and complication that you don't need. It would be perfectly fine to do it under your personal name.

If you still decide to create an LLC, you can go one of two ways. Either go online and create it on one of the online platforms (easiest, cheapest, but least legal protection as they are pretty cookie cutter) OR hire an attorney to set it up (most expensive, more involved, high level of legal protection)

As far as social media goes, if your create an LLC, use the name of it. (mine is @highresinvests on both IG and FB). If you don't create one, use your own name but make it clear what you do.

Don't worry so much about being perfect. Worry about getting started.

Hey @Jeff Meszaros  
In regards to creating a FB and insta page it depends on how you wish to conduct business, sometimes the personal approach is warmer and more appealing as people like to deal with other people, I believe you can build trust easier this way. 

If you have aspirations to build a company/brand then try to use friendly faces in all your marketing.

Once you make a decision, stick to it you want everything to match so if your Facebook page says Meszaros properties make sure your Instagram, email and website do as well.