Subleasing Rented Office Space to Massage Therapists?

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Hey all,

My sister is a massage therapist, she rents a room from another massage therapist, who subleases a room in a larger office that caters to the profession, which gave me the idea to look into this niche. I'm doing research on leasing an office space with the intent to sublease to massage therapists, meditation coaches, nutritionists and other independent wellness related professionals. I live on the west coast of Florida.

I've tried searching around on the forum without success finding info on this sort of thing. I'm hoping someone here might have experience in subleasing office space like this and could provide some insight.

Does anyone here lease offices, and then sublease individual offices? Is this something that's regularly done in commercial real estate? I'm still new to all this, reading the intro to real estate investing book.

@Bodhi Knight

Subleasing is not a normal 'niche' in real estate. A landlord usually rents to a Tenant and unless the lease allows for subleasing space the lease is between tenant and landlord. The exceptions I know of are:

. Barber renting 'chairs' to hair stylists
. Nail salons renting desks to nail technicians
. Office Management renting conference or office space to contractors .
. Strip clubs renting time slots to exotic dancers. ( Don't judge me, A girl has to pay off her student debt somehow ! )