Wholesaling in Alabama

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Originally posted by @William Mallinson :

@Melissa Nash Hey Melissa! Wasn’t sure how to be notified on my responses so I’m just seeing yours. Tell me a little bit about what you‘re looking for in a property and budget?

Send me anything you have over $75k ARV. You can message me! IT won't let me put my email here.

@William Mallinson

Afternoon sir,

I thought I recognized your last name. Jacobs dad right? I’ve been investing since 2015 although I mainly focus on buy and holds (rentals) I have also done 4 lease options and so far one wholesale deal.

I’m looking to grow the wholesaling side of things very soon. I’m gathering everything necessary to systematize the wholesaling side of my business currently.

@William Mallinson

Great! I'm always looking to network with like minded people in REI. I currently have my agent license on inactive to focus on my other business and investing. I tried putting my cell # and email on here but it wouldn't let me. May have to be sent in personal message. You may have to accept the connection request I just sent you before it'll let me.

Hopefully it will go through soon and I can let you know what deals I look for if you come across any.

I’m always looking for more deals and never know may be open to partnering on some deals in the future. Thanks.