Analyzing a property, # of bedrooms v units, etc.

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Hi there, newbie here. I am in the early stages, getting educated, perusing BP, reading the books, etc..

I am specifically looking for multi-family. When researching properties on sites like Trulia and Realtor, the descriptions are not exactly ever clear about the units and bedrooms.

For example a multi-family home will say something like "8 beds" or "4 beds." How to translate that into the number of units, understand what is exactly going on to calculate income?

If it is "4 beds" can I assume that is 2 units with 2 bedrooms each?

And then there is this one: "Impressive renovated home offered in Riverside Village with in law apartment AND separate 3/3 apartment for substantial short or long term rental income potential!" What the hell does this mean? This one says "6 beds"

I imagine this is a gray area where some experience will make it clear. Any way to interpret this vagueness?

Thank you!