Going directly to sellers realtor for questions.

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Ok I called a sellers realtor directly because I've never had a condo but was looking to invest in one. $143000 price 950sf, 2bed, 1.5 bath. 

I called to ask how much the HOA was and how the utilities were factored in. Some have utilities included in the dues. The realtor respond that I should have my realtor ask that kind of question.

I feel like I don't want to waste my guys time filling in just a few numbers to see if the place will cash flow. It's close enough for me on paper to go look at it this weekend if I had that last bit of information. 

Is this just one of those things I need to do this way so that I don't step on someone's toes? 

Your realtor will/should be happy to help you. Whatever that listing agent knows, she or he typically (if they are doing it right) will have already put on the MLS, either in the public section or the agents only section.

Real estate agents get paid when they help a client buy or sell a property. Help can be a loose concept and is predicated on "procuring cause."

If your agent did nothing to help you determine if this condo would work for you, how can you ask the listing agent to pay your agent?

If the listing agent is providing all this information for you, and doing the work you don't want to ask your agent to do, why would you bring in your agent to get paid?

If you want to continue to build a relationship with your agent, ask them to provide you with details.

You are creating problems here for both the listing agent and your agent.  If the listing agent is the procuring cause of the sale, then your agent might not be due a commission if you purchase the property. Conversely, your agent might file an ethics complaint against the listing agent because he communicated with one of his clients.