Window installation cost

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Hello BP World,

Im not sure if this is the correct location but I am just starting/working my way through my first rehab and trying to build my team. I just have what should be a quick question....Im in North Central Indiana and am just curious about how much folks pay to have a window installed...nothing special about the location or window itself...ground floor, double hung ~26x54 vinyl replacement. Im getting guys that want to price the whole job (23 windows) with no breakdown, and anywhere from 100-175/window.



Just did this myself. I got quotes from a variety of sources from $400-$600 per opening. These are ridiculous prices for replacement windows frankly. However, $150/opening is not enough. I doubt this would be a quality installation. A basic, double hung, vinyl, quality window costs that much. I think $200-$300 per opening around here is a fair quality installation price including window and casing the window trim in aluminum.

For what its worth I ended up doing it myself. Windows ~$150/opening and aluminum ~$20/opening. And they took about an hour to do. Ill work for $200/hr any day of the week.


That cost is decent for labor if you consider the normal replacement window is in the $120 - $160 range that puts you at $300 a window installed.  @David Nino is correct on Window World - we have used them a lot in the past.  Basic price is/was $300 but they need an additional $50 or so for exterior wrapping if needed and an additional $50 if they find lead in the house for proper disposal.

Thanks for the replies all! One thing that may have been unclear is that the 100 to 175 was just labor per window...the windows themselves were abt 275 for the size I specified. I do have 2 mich bigger and 3 smaller but those would still be that range for install. And the install included all interior and exterior work with no wrapping.