Posting Real Estate Ads

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Hey Everyone,

I am new to real estate and I wanted to post an event regarding how to invest in real estate. The problem is I am very low with funds and was going to use Craigslist as a way to post stuff up online. The problem is I have the ads ready regarding an event I want to post and I find out the Craigslist is charging for posting stuff up now.

I am very irritated about this because Craigslist started doing this back in April. I read this from an article.

I wanted to ask everyone on Bigger Pockets if there are any websites in which I can post up ads about real estate or at least put of posts regarding a real estate event. It sucks I cannot put stuff up on Craigslist anymore for free as I am just starting in Real Estate and want to expand and start my business. 

Any advice would be helpful!

@Aaron Galat Really?! Thats crazy i just posted something on craigslist for free a couple weeks ago. Try Facebook! I found tons of local real estate groups on facebook that i post stuff in. Linkedin, twitter, instagram, any social media can be a good platform especially if you encourage people to share your posts.

The problem is, if I put ads up on Facebook I have to pay for them. 

Also I found out that Craigslist still allows you to post stuff up under Real Estate for Free. I was not looking in the right section. My fault.