Should I get my License?

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I am very much new to BP & the idea of real estate investing. I really am considering the buy and hold strategy with multi family homes.

1. Is it a waste of time to get my real estate license?

2. Are there any perks for me as a real estate investor to get the license to become an agent?

Many Thanks!

1. It would be a waste of time if you don't properly use the license. It takes a good amount of money and time to get started, so make sure you're ready to part with that money and time and invest in yourself.

2. a. You can choose to waive your commission in exchange for a lower purchase price

b. You can earn a commission when you buy a property (though you will of course pay taxes on this)

c. You can view in person any property on the MLS without having to wait on an agent who may be busy.

d. You have complete control over your negotiations 

e. MLS access

g. After going through the course curriculum, you should have a full understanding of real estate law for your area/state

There's probably other things I have omitted from this list, but I just wanted to give you a quick idea of some of the perks of being an agent and an investor.