Getting Agents and Sellers To Take Me Seriously

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Hello Bigger Pockets Forum!

I am currently working on my first deal but I have a major concern.  I am starting my real-estate journey at 18.  Real-estate investing has been, and is, a huge part of my life and my family.  I have been involved in property management since I was 8 and replacing toilets for tenants since I was 12.  Tomorrow is my first time visiting prospective properties and I'm nervous that the agent and the owners aren't going to take me seriously.  I have my financing in order, I'm incorporated, I have an attorney, and I have great mentors, but i'm terrified that they won't give me the time of day.  I know that a lot of you are grizzled veterans and many of you also started young, so do you have any tips to help ensure that I'm seen as a real investor?

@Luke Brown , it sounds like you are have the pedigree and background to hold your own in any conversation that might come up during the process.  You just gave us all your 'elevator pitch' here so I would just have that prepped and ready to go if you come across anyone giving you grief on your age.  Remember, YOU are the one that's ahead of the game jumping in at your age and YOU are the one that is going to be likely more successful then those you come across tomorrow when you hit their age, so walk with confidence and leverage your instincts during discussions...and it sounds like you have financing pre-approval already in order so anyone giving you crap doesn't deserve the commission from your acquisition anyway.  ;)

Best of luck to you and great job getting started early, only wish I had started at your age and I will make sure my children at least know enough to make their own decision when they are your age.  


They really won’t care how old you are when you make a decent offer on the property. Good luck!