Recently I was very frustrated trying to split the screen. I wasted 1/2 a day toying with it. Because I'm old school I didn't even know what cut/copy/paste even was. So you can picture me on a the calculators (horrible). Well I dug deep determined to ease the pain on myself and auto tune these processes like the calculators are. 

Since then I've setup 2 monitors (1 edge, 1 chrome). WOW what a difference to be on the calculator and any portal or whatever. Then I forced myself to learn how to cut/copy/paste, what a night mare. BUT, now what a dream when you finally actually learn these  things that hold you back from moving forward. I guess when you really want something as bad as I want this you get rewarded a bit at a time. 

It's also rewarding knowing my niche, strategy, and my how. Thank you Brandon, David, and J. You guys are changing many lives and all your books are GOLD.