Cold Calling With Google Voice

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Good evening, 

Does anyone have any experience cold calling with Google Voice? I have both a G-suite and a personal number. 

I am planning to make 400-600 calls this week but have heard that Google might shut down my account for that many outbound dials. 

Has this happened to anyone? 

Any information or advice is greatly appreciated. 



@Christopher Phillips have you had any issues using Google voice? I had a local GV number I used for my tenants before I got a property manager. I'm considering using it again to contact potential sellers since it has a local area code. GV is free but I just found out that Verizon will allow me to add up to 4 more numbers to my account for $15 a line. Is GV solid enough to manintain consistent in/out calls and voicemail for a business?

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Just found his thread while i was using Google Voice.

Verizon is weak and Google Voice via WIFI is working much better than my cell. Not only that it's faster since I can simply cut and paste a phone # and hit enter.