Driving For Dollars

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My team and I are about to start driving for dollars very soon. I would like to know if you leave yellow letters or some sort of marketing piece either at the door or have it mailed there. I am planning on driving, sending a yellow letter or marketing piece to the property then cold calling. Any suggestions, stories, or recommendations about this? Thanks guys.

You would mail your letters to whatever the mailing address is for the property owner.   When driving for dollars, a lot of the time the person that owns that property is not living there.  so, leaving a note there wouldn't do much good.  And absolutely DO NOT stick in into a mailbox!   That is a federal offense!

@Jack D Falkner if you use the driving for dollars app then it will compile all of the properties into a list for you then you can mail to the list. I wouldn't send a yellow letter though they are over used. Send something nice like a professional letter or a handwritten style letter on a half sheet of paper. Yellow paper is out dated. 


@Tamika Yankson Yes google street view postcards are really good mailers. I would say that if you are sending postcards to make sure you have a good number of leads so that you have the numbers on your side. Postcard tend to get a lower response rate than letters so if you are sending any less than 1000 I would stick to letters. If you want to chat about mailers feel free to message me. Cheers :)

@Jack D Falkner Just know that you have to be patient when it comes to getting results. There is no shortcut to success. There is only luck and statistics. Statistics show that the more consistent you are with your direct mail, the better your chances at getting a great deal. Many people give up on mailing within their first three months. That is a big mistake and basically puts all their efforts, over those past three months, to waste. It takes 3-5 touches to generate responses. Getting earlier responses is also likely but you have to keep at it. 

Good Luck!