Investing from outside of the U.S.

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Hello all,

I am an overseas contractor for the U.S. Government and obviously out of the country for the next year or so. Since I have been out here I have really started to dig deep into real estate investing. I have been listening to the Bigger Pockets Podcasts, reading books, and checking out multiple markets. I am currently looking to buy houses that need a little rehab and then rent them out. I feel that I have found a few potential deals and am very eager to make offers. I know that investing in areas you don't live in brings challenges; however, that is the type of investor I would want to be even if I was back in the U.S. 

I have a cell phone that can call any number back in the states as well as access to WiFi 24/7. I would always be able to stay in contact with my agent, PM, and contractor. I am just wondering if anyone has attempted to invest in properties while they are in a different country. Is it even possible, and if so what challenges did you run into? I really want to start my portfolio sooner than later so any advice would be wonderful. Thanks!

Hey @Mark Douglas Hukill Jr. and welcome to BiggerPockets!

What you are proposing is absolutely viable: I work with an investor doing exactly this from Seoul, South Korea, and he's building quite the impressive buy-and-hold portfolio back here in the States!

The key is to do the necessary advance work and assemble a super-star ground team.

I'd be more than happy to put you in touch with him, so you can compare notes and perhaps share resources.

If interested, connect with me here on BP.

And, do check out that thread mentioned above from @Marisa R. It'll knock your socks off!