Brand new investor who moves often

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I am a brand new investor who moves every 3 months due to my job. My plan is to purchase 5 properties within the next year. I know in my readings alot of the advice speaks to learning your market and going to houses in your area. I do not have that luxury of getting to know my "home" area. I also am unable to use my VA home loan at first until I buy a property that is expected to be my primary residence.

Any advice on how to get started with my situation? I am interested in buying MF units starting off. I have even thought about purchasing through turn key such as roofstock to help with long distance investing. Thanks in advance!

@Ayanna McClintic

Is there an area that you would like to end up in or that you have ties to like where you grew up or where your family is? I would focus on an area like this and then you can put together your team there. Hopefully the area is landlord friendly with a growing population and economy.

Use your frequent moving to your advantage.  You will have an idea of rent and housing in different cities.  Pick a few that you liked and start there.  Start looking into taxes, rental laws, housing prices, etc.


Welcome to BP, if you decide on San Antonio or want to explore that option more feel free to reach out. I regularly work with out of state investors.