I'm Ready to Start Wholesaling

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Hello to all, 

My name is Aja. I'm new to wholesaling realestate and looking to network with like minded people like myself. I also have a question. 

Can a one page contract be used and is a notary required for every contract? 

@Aja Stout

Hey, glad to see you starting in wholesaling. You can use any lenght for contract I personally have a 2 page one, it has everything I need in their. 1 page doesnt fit all the conditions  I need. If you got questions or want to connect message me.

Hello, Aja! 

I am excited you have decided to start your wholesaling journey!

What has made you directed you to pursue this path? 

Good luck on your journey, 


@Courtney James

Hi Courtney!

I've always wanted to do real estate or become a landlord. I've had my fair share of slumlords, plus it's a very lucrative career and also a stable one. What about you? 

Good to hear, Aja! I love networking with other women in this business. 

My background is in business and marketing, after working full time for a while, I knew the 9-5 life was not going to give me the purpose driven life I so need to feel fulfilled. 

My older brother was entering this career path and put me on to it.. Now we have partnered his contracting background and my technical business education to start our wholesaling business.