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I'm self-employed and I was fortunate enough to purchase my commercial building a few years ago after leasing it for many years. This was my first purchase.  

With over 300K in equity, I'm at a point where I'd like to purchase my next property, ideally a MF to house hack to then do it again in a couple few years.  I have found a local fourplex off market I'm interested in but here's the catch: I don't have much cash saved up since I'm in the habit of putting money back into my business. 

My goal is to have enough cashflowing properties within the next ten years so I can move on from my current business and spend more time with my wife and daughter. 

So here's super-newb question:

1. Should I wait until I have cash saved for a down payment or is it smart to take cash out of my current building for a down payment?  I'm not sure how refinancing works (will my mortgage payment go up?).    

Thanks in advance! 

@Victor R. Home Possible May be an option for you to purchase a primary home to house hack. They have a low down payment of 5%.  There are no income limit area’s if you don’t meet the income restrictions. They do have a limitation of owning 2 properties including subject.