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Good Morning Everyone,

I just bought my first investment property in College Station, Texas. I will be house hacking my side of the unit and will be renting out the other side. I'm thinking about Airbnb two rooms out on my side but need help on how to set up the place to do this since I have never done this before. The other side almost covers the complete mortgage but not quite. I need to renovate and upgrade the quality of the place over the next couple of years to get the rent I need when I leave the area because of my career. The house still has everything from the 2000s for the house nothing has really been changed. 

  • I'm looking for suggestions on how to set up a room for Airbnb (furniture, towels, etc.)?
  • What upgrades and renovations will get me most for my money?

Thank you for your time and suggestions!


Hey Joshua,

I’m not very familiar with air bnb (hosting) but if I was in your position I’d start by looking at other air bnb’s in the BCS area and checking out their photos. look at the very highly rated apartments with the best feedback. See read all the comments. Read what the travelers like the best. Make up the rooms exactly like they did in their photos. 

Also, just my opinion, whenever I stay at an air bnb my lasting memory is about how the transaction and communication was handled, not so much about what decorations were inside. 

Congrats on your rental!!!! Good luck!

Kitchens and bathrooms generally get you the best return on your money (short of adding square footage). You have things like cosmetic updates (counters, fixtures, drawer pulls), Adding value and generating good airbnb income are not the same. For the short term model, you want to make the place feel as at home as possible. All of the little things that you take for granted when going out of town. I couldn't list them all if I tried, but do some research on best accommodations to offer, then figure out a budget. As with remodel, you could spend money until you run out, that's why a budget is key. My wife and I are actually switching from long term rentals to short, so we've definitely been doing our research. We found someone selling essentially a "bnb in a box" We literally bought just about everything you would need to furnish an airbnb, roughly 6 months old (barely used), high end Austin stuff. Seller recently sold her airbnb, posted some items and we offered to just buy it all!

  • Furniture (King bed, queen bed, futon, end table, kitchen table w/ chairs, patio furniture)
  • Decor (vases, wall decor, rugs, lamps, art)
  • Amenities (coffeemaker with mugs and fixin's, silverware, plate/cups/bowls, cleaning products/tools, new towels, etc)

I could list so many more. But yes...the concept works. Game days ask more. And if someone will pay enough for the whole place, enjoy a weekend out of town on them! Hope it works out for you. Let me know if I can be any help.

Congrats, Joshua! I'm shopping for similar properties in College Station. I've connected with a few AirBnB hosts in the area, as well as found some powerful calculators to help estimate costs. Happy to connect with you and share what I've learned!


We are successful Airbnb hosts in Montgomery, TX (and hour away) and what sets you apart is simple, clean furnishings, white linens that are high end and light colors everywhere. Everything must be clean, clean, clean and the white and light colors emphasize that. Start your prices low until you build a large 5 star rating. We have been doing this for 18 mths and we have built up more that 150 reviews. We have been shocked how successful it is. 

Debbie Arrants

Hello All. Glad to see other investors in BCS. I am now into my second investment property (both Airbnb), and thinking on adding 3 more this year, 1 of them a Duplex. Love to connect to people with the same plans

Hi Juan, I want to purchase my first investment property here in BCS to rent out but never thought of arbnb. What type of properties are recommended for arbnb type investment? SFH, condo, townhomes?


@Rachid B. Honestly, I think location is better than "type", although I wouldn't do a condo. I think Bus routes on Game day are a winner also. What I have as data point with almost 3 years on STR, is that the unit will bring you 1.5 to 2 times what a regular monthly rental would, plus much less wear, as people that do STR come to sleep, and not "hang out" inside the house for long periods of time.

Please let me know if you come across any good deals around campus. I am working with an agent who is sending me listings in the meantime.

Now, I need to shift my interest towards airbnb and do my home work.


FYI, I heard this week that Safeco insurance is now rating their homeowners policies for Airbnb/short term rentals for homeowners policies so these companies are starting to come around slowly but surely. This could work for you as a landlord.