Best suggestion for investing from a distance

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Hey All - 

Currently working in Cal and looking into putting some money into Georgia and/or Florida markets - South ATL (originally from North suburbs of ATL) , Tampa/St. Pete., and Jacksonville area. Debating between Land (since I can't be actively managing hands on, or living on the property right now), Multi Fam, and Single Fam.  I'm sure tons of folks here are involved in similar strategies - any suggestions or recommendations? 


@Jack Glazer

Im actually looking for the other side of your target. I live south of Atlanta in Williamson (just outside of Griffin). I've been putting off getting into real estate simply because of the investment. If you're looking for the hustle, and I'm local and looking for the capitol, we may be able to help eachother out. Let me know if this may be something you're interested in.