First BRRRR deal is it worth it ? Please help thank you

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So I have this deal that I’m looking at and want to know if the deal would be worth it ? Someone please help and I thank you in advance, here are the numbers :

Asking price : 39k , repairs are around 15k and ARV is 72k taxes are 1600 ,

The terms from my lender are as follows for 50k loan : 6 months for 3 points and additional 2 points for 3 month extension so 9 months for 5 points , the fees are 1200 and I will be rolling fees and points into the loan with an interest rate of 8.29%

Now I will be getting an inspection soon for $325 and I want this deal to workout but the only thing that I’m thinking of that’s having me worried is if the property will appraise for the 72k , along with the inspection if there are damages that might exceed the 15k once I have a contractor give me a bid. Am I being too hesitant for the wrong reasons ? Or is this a good deal considering all numbers ?

don't close on loan to buy until you have refi approved and cost nailed down other wise you do as you state take on risk

@Jose Garcia I would say if you have access to 100k then I think you should do it. Why so much do you ask? Because if you don’t have enough money to pay for the unexpected things that come up, including issues while trying to refinance, and you barely have enough money to only pay for the amount the hard money lender doesn’t cover, then you probably shouldn’t do the deal.  

In my opinion, very few investors are able to successfully do the no money down real estate at the beginning of their investing career because in order to do it you need to use other people’s money, or you need enough education and experience to successfully put together a subject to deal, or owner carry, etc. At the beginning, if you lack experience and education, then you bring in excess cash to a deal to learn the process. Then, when you learn the process well then you can bring experience and education to deals and it is easier to use other people’s money.