Helping My Teenager Start Business

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First of all, I turned to the Bigger Pockets community because of the incredible entrepreneurial spirit I have found listening to the podcasts.  My son is starting a real estate photography business using a 360-degree camera.  He is already establishing relationships with realtors, rental property owners, home stagers and custom home builders.  He's got his business name, designed his own logo, ordered business cards and is setting up his website and social media presence.  

What I need to help him with is setting up his business legally here in Texas.  I've tried to find information on helping teenagers start a business but I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for.  This is a little beyond lawn mowing or dog walking.  My concerns are registering a business name, taking payment, setting up a bank account, paying taxes, etc.  I want to help him avoid costly mistakes in setting up his own business.  He will be a senior in high school and plans to major in marketing.  He also has secured a job with a 20-something entrepreneur who started his own very successful marketing company.   

My desire is to help him set up a good foundation that he can build his business on.   I know that this community is full of entrepreneurs who are driven like my son.  Thanks in advance for your advice. 

HI Richard,

The foundational core of his success is not going to be can he take 360 pics, it is going to be can he successfully close enough prospects every month to make his time worth it.

He will need to come to terms with the fact that he will need to be a salesman first and camera setup guy second, and a Government Red Tape (record keeping) slave third.

Without being able to Close Prospects as a Salesman, he will not succeed in the business.

Good Luck!