Recent college graduate in TX, looking for financial adviser

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Hello all ! 

My name is Morgan. I am graduating from college in December. I am looking for a personal financial advisor in the Houston area to help me get started in real estate whole selling and flipping. I am so overwhelmed with getting started, I am a very fast learner and good listener. I come from a family that never had generational income, and I am hoping to finally break away from that and become a successful entrepreneur. Would anyone be interested in sharing some advice to start?

Hi @Morgan Payne , welcome to BiggerPockets and congrats on your upcoming graduation!

If your goal is to learn real estate, I don't know that a financial advisor is really what you need. As a good listener and fast learner, you're probably better off starting right here on BiggerPockets with the Podcast episodes, the Blog posts, and the Forum.

My best advice is to keep your eyes open for opportunities, learn from everyone, and keep your wallet closed for as long as you can!

Houston has a large and vibrant real estate investor community. Are you plugged into any of the REIAs (Real Estate Investment Associations) there?

PM me. I have a guy if your looking to open Retirement IRAs, life/disability insurance etc etc. he’s local in Houston. 

Hey Morgan!

Thanks for posting. Would love to Connect. Just some advice: Don't pay for any seminars! There is so much free education out there. I am more than happy to talk with you and help you get pointed in the right direction depending on your goals. Feel free to DM me :) 

Also, i recommend Meet up's and joining Facebook real estate groups, and meeting many people in the industry to learn first hand from people actually investing! 

Wish you the best and I look forward to hearing from you :)