Starting up in San Antonio

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Hello everyone,

I am preparing to start buying and rehabilitating homes here in San Antonio, TX.

Few questions for the group:

How much can a good location boost your home's value? (I.e. it's located next to a popular landmark)

For those located here in San Antonio, do you have any reputable contacting companies you work with?

Lastly, any tips of advice going into this first purchase/project?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Nathan, 

Welcome to BP!  

-Location - This question is super broad and depending on the neighborhood/area of town houses can range from under 100/sq ft to upwards of 200/sq ft.  I would check out the content that @Jonatan Barbera and John Barr from Pryme Homes put out.  They do market updates which are great and John Barr has some threads on here that describe the market in SA.  

As far as contractors, this seems to be a pain point for many in the industry in San Antonio. 

And I would agree with @Cameron Tope . Be conservative with your numbers, second guess and verify any numbers that anyone gives you. Make sure it works with conservative estimates for rehabs and conservative estimates for ARV

@Nathan Ramsey I've just restarted my construction company up and would be glad to help you out by reviewing estimates and would be happy to give you some referrals on specialty contractors if you need them.

I liked the Converse/Universal City suburbs myself for rentals.  Prices are pretty reasonable, rents tend to be pretty good, and the Air Force base tends to ensure a decent future for that part of town.