How long does a BRRRR take you?

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Hello all!

Newbie here, though have been reading BP forums and blogs, and making connections for a while now. 

Question for those in the BRRRR game:

How long does it take you to go from B to the final R? Not including the beforehand finding of a deal/financing. But from when you actually commit to buy, then close, then rehab, then rent, then refinance and get you $$ out?

Curious as to the ranges for those who've been actively BRRRR-ing for a while.

Likewise, what tools have you used to speed that cycle?

This is all assuming you have the necessary $$ to buy and rehab (without finding private/hard money).

Thanks for your thoughts!


Following! This is something that I am curious about as well. Have heard about the BRRRR method a bunch from listening to all the BP podcasts about it, but would love to learn more about the actual execution of it and the timeline.