Setting up C corp / S corp / LLC

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Hi guys, Im wondering in anyone has experience setting up one of these structures in Texas? Im looking to setup a company structure this is able to get finance in TX

Ive contacted CPAs but as of yet am yet to receive any responses so I was wondering if anyone on BP had done it themselves?


@Nicholas Andrews

Only the lenders themselves will be able to answer whether or not you can get financing with an LLC owner. On commercial (5u+) all the ones I've talked to have said it would be no problem at all. On residential it might be a different story. Some might do it but it's up to the individual bank.

@Nicholas Andrews I will say that lenders that lend in a LLC will not always lend in a Corp. Since I am not a CPA I can not give you tax advice on what benefits each structure has, but as a mortgage broker I come across that it is easier to lend to those with a LLC.