Hear My Plea! How can I help in North Texas?

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I’m new to bigger pockets and real estate, but not new to the business world. I want to learn from investors in my market and in exchange I offer sweat equity and a proven track record of business success. My market is North TX, I am willing to do anything, give me your worst tasks, just anything so I can learn. I am completely fascinated by real estate.

How can I help in your business?

@Dustin Ray What are you hoping to learn from "sweat equity"? I will be happy to help point you in the right direction in your real estate investor education. I just want to understand where you want to start investing? In short was is your exit strategy? Wholesaling, rentals, flips, etc? 

@Joe Funari thanks for the response. I really want to learn all parts of the business. With the numerous business I have had throughout my career, I like to learn a great amount of detail about each before I dive head first or start calling myself an investor. Two things that I really want to learn and harness first are:

1. How to evaluate deals?

2. Method of finding deals? IE: do you door knock, pay for leads, etc.

The sweat equity that I speak of is that I would be willing to give my time in return for an education. For instance, if you had any deals that needed evaluating (once I was taught how), any calls to be made to follow up on any leads, etc. Really anything, I just want to learn how investors do what they do, but most importantly why.

Any books / articles you recommend to help with the learning curve. Please know that I am not trying to short cut my education, I know this is a process, but I am a nerd and just like to get as many ducks in a row before I attack.

Please let me know how I can help in any way.