Is paying for a mentorship program worth it?

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I found a mentorship program in MD that cost some money on learning wholesaling and wanted to know if anyone has taken this route to learn how to wholesale?  I learn better with in person training and books and this was an option.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If my memory serves me correctly I remember in a recent podcast I listened to the one and only

@Brandon Turner talked about this subject and said that it depends on the person and the training they are providing it is the path for some people not myself but hopefully someone else will  give you some personal insight soon. If i were to decide id do these things 1. do your due diligence! See what reviews you can find about whoever your thinking about joining and see what actual people on a 3rd person platform like bigger pockets would say. 2. As I learned from a mentor that a lot of other people "have" including myself as well is everything on that course the information, the processes, even the citations are all information you can find either on bigger pockets, the internet or books. Is the time you'd spend looking for that information (asking people on BP etc.) worth the cost of the course? Would it be 8 months of your paycheck gone or is it 2 weeks of working to pay off? It truly depends on your preference and circumstances hope this helps!

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@Krystal Payton it depends on the value the mentor ship program is bringing. Are they actually helping you with you first few deals. Are they only providing information on how to get started? A lot of those things takes in consideration on if it’s worth the money, time and energy. Perhaps you can go to meetups in your area and find a group or person to teach you the business.