Advice on sweat equity

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I'm going to be a Junior in college in Bloomington, IN. Long-term goal is to build a portfolio with multi-family properties, but I understand that I need experience, networking, and probably would help to have a little more capital myself for it. What are your thoughts on finding a property that would be good for sweat equity, and having a few buddies help out on that while I'm still in college, but this way I can get my feet wet and gain more experience by doing rather than reading/watching/etc. I feel it would be a good way to start while I'm young, and hopefully make some money on it all with gaining much better experience, but I would like to know some pros thoughts?? Thanks!!

Hi Brock! I am in the same boat as you. I am working on building my capital as well and would like to know the ways in which I could help put in "sweat equity." Alas, I am not very good at DIY or equipped for any kind of manual labor...