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Im cold calling people, but, Im thinking what I will do if I dont see results in 3 months. So here is what Im thinking I could do, but, of course, I woud like to receive good advices from succesful people LIKE YOU😀👍

PLAN: I need 20% down to get an investment property, right? But, what if I get an FHA loan with 3% down ( lets say it's 3k down ) but, I cant rent it yet, and I have no money to cover the payments ( lets say its 1000/mo ), after 1 yr, I will be able to rent it, so, I borrow 12k from Other people's money, and I pay the mortage payment for 12months, after 12 months I refinance the property and I get 12k back and I pay off my debt, then, I rent out the property!

The lender is going to evaluate your ability to repay the loan. Borrowing the first year's costs from others wouldn't satisfy their requirements. You can consider living in the property and renting out the units while you live there.