Looking for a Fee-only CFP in Richmond, VA

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Hi everyone. I am looking for a Fee-Only CPF in Richmond, VA. Everything I look at shows annual fees of $6,000+. I am looking for someone to meet with once a year and review everything. I listened to episode 41 of the Money Podcast where on the high end is $350 per hour. I am not finding any? Thank you for the help!

I have no idea of his cost structure, but Peter Walls of Kinloch Capital is a friend of mine and works with a a lot of RE Investors, some mutual clients of my company.  He focuses on diversifying instead of just pushing stocks.  Might want to at least shoot him an email and see if it's a fit.

I'd check out Heron Creek Advisors as well. I believe they have different fee structures based on what they're able to do for you, and I can vouch for Trey Cully and Kappy Gross personally (both CFPs). I believe they have a 3rd CFP in their office as well. Same as Stephen said above though, they look at the entire financial picture instead of just pushing stocks, which is where the long-term relationships are built.