Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

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My business partner and I are looking to grow our lists of real estate agents. We currently have 0. We have a seller lead sheet and a wholesale buyer qualification form that we found online. We can't find a real estate agent qualification form (if that even exists) so we'd like to make one. 

What kinds of questions should we add to our form?

What area are you located? Lots of good agents here on BP.

As a Realtor myself, I would highly recommend sitting down with different real estate agents in your area and try to establish a personal relationship with them. I am not saying that you wont be able to find agents to fill out a qualification form but that is a bit impersonal to me.. Real Estate (like most industries) is a people business.  I don't think the agents worth building an effective working relationship with would look to highly on having to filling out a form. That's probably why you cant find any online.  Research some successful agents in your area and offer to take them out to lunch.  I promise you will get more feedback and it will be easier to find an agent to build a long lasting partnership with. 

Originally posted by @Russell Brazil :

Ask what their favorite brand of peanut butter is.

 Yes.. I agree.  As a Broker in the Tucson area with 23 years experience.. it is criticial that you ask this crucial question

ANY Agent or Broker that says they prefer creamy peanut butter CLEARLY doesn't know what they are talking about.  After all. ANYONE who knows ANYTHING knows that CRUNCHY is the BEST!!!!