Looking for any advice. Thank you in advance for any knowledge sh

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I am new to real estate and know very little. I would really like to get into flipping and/or rental properties. I would greatly appreciate any advice or knowledge. I have worked construction most of my life and would like to make a move into real estate. I'm hoping to buy my first home within the next year. I like to thank any one for their advice in advance. I'm grateful for your time and knowledge.

Hey John, welcome to the forums!

Having a background in construction is VERY USEFUL in real estate, so that's awesome!

Have you read any books on the topic? BP has some great ones that can give you a good overview of the process of buying, rehabbing renting or flipping. How to Invest in Real Estate is a great book to read if you want a comprehensive overview so you can develop your strategy.

Good luck!

@John Karl goins , welcome to the community! I think it is most important for new investors to clearly define their  goals, which will in turn lead you to the best strategy that will best align with your goals. You will get the most mileage out of communities like this one if you can clearly define what you want to do. 

As you gain experience and traction your goals and targets may shift but you need laser focus going in and you need to be dialed into ONE strategy to start! 


One of the most important things when it comes to ANY TYPE of investing is... Mindset. You need to avoid the shiny objects so to speak, and focus on your goal, with a rational mindset. 

Setting realistic goals is important too! Don't set unrealistic goals that you know in your gut you'll have a hard time accomplishing. 

Knowing how to analyze leads and finding good deals is important as well, very important! 

Listen to podcasts like bigger pockets podcast, read read read, keep  a rational and realistic mindset, set month-to-month and yearly goals for yourself, define what (exactly) what you want, and how you will accomplish it. Lastly, know how to analyze deals! 

Network, practice, learn Nothing happens by doing nothing. And nothing happens the right way without planning! - Me ;)