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So I am fresh out of the oven! I feel kind of dumb asking for guidance. through all of my countless hours of studying, reading, listening and researching, the one thing that I have heard or seen is that they had the help of a mentor to show them the ropes, and if you want to get into investing in real estate it would be wise to find a mentor. Being the Stubborn Texan that I am, ive been killing the hours trying to learn everything that I can on my own to start on my own, but I still find my self stuck searching. there are a few investment strategies that I really like. TAX DEED SALES, SUBJECT TO'S, RENTAL/LANDLORD. id probably have to get my toes wet with wholesaling as well to build up some capital for the business. I feel like with the right guidance I can make the 4 of these work together for the ultimate goal of CASHFLOW and FINANCIAL FREEDOM. im not looking to be a millionaire by any means, but my main goal is to just have the financial freedom for me and the growing family. 

so with that being said, if anyone can refer me to someone, or if anyone would be willing to help guide me I would really appreciate it.

@Justin Cortez

I would suggest attending some local investor meetups. Try or the Bigger Pockets Events section (under networking). 

I'm a believer in "mentorship" but in my experience, it's not what anyone thinks. I firmly do NOT believe in paid mentorship like those offered by "gurus". To me, a mentor is someone you can call up and chat about deals you're working on and bounce ideas off them. They have more experience than you so you they are able to give you some guidance here and there. They aren't going to hold your hand through every step of the way and if you want to attract this person to you, you have to have something to offer them as well. Maybe it's your charming personality? Or specific knowledge of some area they are interested in? Or are you handy? etc etc.

You won't find this person by asking. You'll find this person (or people) organically through the course of trying to get involved with the scene, talking about deals, and exchanging knowledge. Think about the strengths you already bring to the table and start learning how to sell those. Then get on down to your local meetup and you'll find lots of useful contacts. One of them may end up being a mentor someday.

@Geordy Rostad

I appreciate the reply bud, I definitely don't want anyone to babysit me by any means but I do understand what your saying  and I agree with the paid mentorship advice. I have put my self into a position previously paying for a "guru's" help to guide me. and it did literally nothing for me, so I made the best of my mistake and learned everything that I could from his teachings to possibly take what I learned and use it later in my investment journey if I ever ventured outside of the state of Texas.  and I will definitely have to try and find some meet up groups and the events. im sure that's why I have been feeling stuck as well because I haven't gone out and looked for local groups or anything (had no clue that was a thing people did) ha. but it is definitely something I will be looking to do in the near future.  

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Consider two main goals. 1. Build relationships with seasoned investors with whom you can partner on deals. 2. Market, market, market. 

You can read a hundred books and you'll still make costly mistakes. Work with others to help you learn while you earn.

@Guy Gimenez

thank you for the advise, i will definitely be doing that. i have come to learn through all that i have read and looked into, the risk is only as big as you make it. everything has a risk, but if i do my studying on the work im conducting my risk will lower. i will be taking the advise from both you and @Geordy Rostad and applying them to better my company!