Info on The Peak Group aka Prime Properties Realty Turn Key in TX

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Does anyone have any experience with The Peak Group aka Prime Properties Realty and their management company Prime Properties Management? Specifically Levi Mills the director of sales? They work out of the Dallas Texas Market. 

I'm researching them and be interested to hear about your experience. If you purchased a turn key property from them and how it's working out. 

Thank you. 

@Daniel Ng They purchased the property management company that was managing several of my rental properties all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I don't like to spread negativity. But I worked for a PM for several years in high school and while I was working on my undergrad degree. So I have more experience than most when it comes to PM's and how they should manage. From day one Prime Properties mismanaged our properties. I gave them nearly a near to fix the problems hoping it was because of the acquisition. But the is a major disconnect between owners requirements and how they manage. So we ended up taking our business to another PM and have been happy we did. There are other PM's locally that will do a better job than Prime Properties. Regarding their turnkey they were very minimal upgrades and weren't at a deep discount as they advertised. Again there are better options out there for turnkey rentals here in Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

I used them and regret it.  Inflated costs, slow on turnovers, operating statements were a disaster and always had errors to their favor.  Went through 2 years of trying to help them fix their issues and there was no progress.