My situation is slightly different from the average.

Lets put you all in my shoes for a moment and see what solutions you come up with because im at a roadblock.

Say you were an OTR truck driver that stayed out most of the year, how would you go about starting your investing career in a completely new city/state that is a 1000 miles away from where you currently live? To make matters more complicated you are not familiar with the market in this new city other than the basics like, crime stats, average home cost, average rental rate, job growth, pop. growth, etc. To complicate it even more you are NEW to investing, this is your first time doing anything of the sort.

So, what would be some of the steps you would take inorder to obtain that first property? How would you go about getting your 1st property within the next 6-8 months under these circumstances?

Thanks for any and all feedback.