Wholesaling and Flipping in Wichita, Kansas

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I've been listening to BP podcast off and on for a couple of years, and now I'm ready to jump in! I have listened to 100's of podcasts using different strategies, and the two that I'm most interested in is wholesaling and flipping...I love the BRRR strategy. I've read several books and watched a lot on youtube on the subject. I've heard that taking action is the first step, and I know I need to meet investors.

I'm not a young buck, but I've still got many good years ahead (God willing). I've been a pastor for over 20 years, and currently working fulltime at the Y to make ends meet, the problem is, in the last 6 months I was promoted (which I'm thankful for), but now I'm in a cubical. sitting all day at a desk. I'm a people person and love to interact with others, and I think I am good at building repore and developing relationships with others. I really want to learn the business of wholesaling/assigning contracts, double closes, and flipping.  I'd love to meet for coffee and connect. Is there anyone in the Wichita area, that needs an assistant? Anyone that I can help make rich and benefit from spending time with?

@Eric Goodman hey there sir. Congrats on making the jump into real estate. Would love to connect and grab a coffee. I’m a wholesaler and flipper here in Wichita, I’ve learned that real estate really is a team sport. Btw what church do you pastor?

Hello Jason, 

I am a church planter here in Wichita now, we started CenterPoint Church in Andover. It has been a great journey and I've learned a lot. It's probably been the best thing I've been a part of, the only real negative has been the funding part. I love seeing people lives changed.

Jimmy, Thanks for the warm welcome!

Man its always good to meet people in the area!  I would be happy to sit and chat.  I can offer some heavy experience on the flipping side as it pertains the pitfalls and what to expect there.  Jason, Eric, do you guys want to grab a coffee sometime? 

I was wonder when Wholesaling in Wichita or Kansas in general are there regulations like in other states for example Illinois you are only allowed on sell a year with out having a license and I wanted to know if there were any laws that here in Wichita