What are your favorite sources for mortgage rate info?

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Google has many links to websites that quote today's mortgage rate.  However, with the quoted rate often being an average, what are your favorite resources to delve deeper into the components of the average?  If the current average 30 year fixed is 3.8% there must be some rates that are lower, and some that are higher.  There also must be a yield curve of mortgage specific rates that range from 15 year to 30 year but I can't find much information on it.

I know that the 30 year treasury can be used as a proxy but I'd like to find something more precise.  What are your favorite websites and resources for mortgage information?

@Josh Vernon

There isn't anything behind rates. Mortgage rates are based on supply and demand. You can't point to any economic indicator and back into rates. Rates are purely based on individual institutions and how they want to advertise for the best borrowers.

 Use Bankrate.com. They aggregate bank rates