New Investor in Northwest AR

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Hello Everyone!

I have been a member on BP for almost a year now-- I have mainly been reading, researching, and learning while I work a full time job -- and I am finally excited to introduce myself to the community and begin on my path in real estate investment. I look forward to joining in on more conversations and contribute where I can!

I am closing on my first property later this month (a buy and hold SFR rental) and I am pumped to finally get into this business. As a young investor, I have a lot of fears, however, I have always dreamed of owning my own business and building something I can call my own.

For those in the Northwest Arkansas area and others on BP, I would love to connect and hear about your successes and failures. If I can help your business in any way (managing properties, feedback on the area, marketing, etc) I would love to jump in and help where I can.  

Excited for the journey and thanks to everyone that makes this a great community!

@Matt McEver welcome and glad you find the “one”. What part of AR are you I’m exactly? I’m looking at doing long distance investing in Little Rock/Cabot. I’m hoping to pull the trigger soon. Still researching and analyzing. Again, welcome and cheers!

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@Brock Mogensen Appreciate it and congratulations on your success. Hard to fathom scaling to 91 units so quickly! Very impressive! SFR seems comfortable at the moment, but true growth occurs when you move out of your comfort zone. Thanks for the encouragement and advice!

Thanks, @Kyle Tipton! I am from Fayetteville, AR which is a college town 2.5 hours northwest of LR. I am fairly familiar with the LR area though! If you have any questions regarding the areas you are looking at, I can do my best to provide feedback or find someone who can assist! Good luck on your endeavor!

Hi @Matt McEver fellow NWA newbie here too 👋🏼 Congratulations on your first deal! I went to the REI NWA meetup tonight on auction properties and was impressed with the turnout and information. I recommend checking out their website for future events like the landlord lunch and rookie nook meetups. I would love to meet more investors in this area as well- sometimes it's difficult to know where to start!

Looking to do our first deal very soon and to get that ‘law of the first deal’ in motion. 91 units in a year is so inspirational @Brock Mogensen!

Congrats on taking action @Matt McEver! That’s often the most difficult part for people to accomplish.  I live in MO and have a duplex in Fayetteville, a couple duplexes and a 55 unit apartment complex in Ft Smith and the rest of my solo owned properties are in MO.  I decided to scale and spent some time educating myself and networking in the Syndication arena and have closed on 825 units since last August. I say all this for 2 reasons, 1) just to offer my experience to those that can benefit and 2) to validate that you can do whatever you set your mind to if you’re willing to take action, whether it’s your first or 101st.  And I still have a full time job so if I can do it so can anyone else!!  

@Matt McEver

I am a young investor too, 26 yo just started after having my retail business for 3 years, looking into properties in AR as-well & might be purchasing 2-3 SFRs very soon!

Looking into LR area tho.

Rogers and Fayettville are great.

I had an opportunity to invest in Springdale but backed out last minute (got cold feet because of the crime rate.)

@Matt McEver congrats on putting yourself out there and taking the leap on your first deal! We run the local meetup (which I need to schedule in a minute ;o) ) every 4th Wednesday in the month. We will be holding it at one of our finished flips this month in Farmington. Like always we will share the numbers and welcome everyone to come out and take a look! 

@Brian Wagers  and @Katelyn Ball y'all are more than welcome to join as well!

Good luck on landing that first deal @Katelyn Ball! I appreciate the information on REI NWA. You are definitely right... Can be difficult to know where to start. Very interested in participating in these groups and meeting fellow investors in NWA. We'll stay in touch.

Thanks, @Mike Vann! It is definitely encouraging to see all these people experiencing so much success, especially in NWA and surrounding areas. Congratulations on your accomplishments albeit while having a full time job as well. Taking the small steps now and will look to scale rapidly following!

Congrats on getting started as well @Mario Am! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on your endeavors in NWA. I've lived in Fayetteville for 15+ years and its amazing how the area has changed. 

@Brian Wagers appreciate the warm welcome! I have checked out that book and it is a great read. One of the reasons I am jumping into REI today, and thanks @Lucas Miller

@Dustin Davis Very interested in this opportunity! I am very glad to see this kind of participation in NWA. Expect to see me there if I am in town when it is scheduled. Looking forward to meeting with the group!

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@Matt McEver  How did your first investment property go?  Are you looking for others??  I hope it went well.  You sure bought in a growing market that is for sure.

@Matthew Reid First property is going very well. Got an excellent tenant into the property in less than a month and the property is cash flowing very well. Working on closing second property. Have been looking for months in Fayetteville, but the market was crazy... Houses going on/off market in less than 24 hours and very difficult to get a good deal. I was able to find a property-- the returns won't be has great as the first, but the promise for rent appreciation is much better in this new prop. Goal now is to continue to scale as quickly as possible! How's the market in Jonesboro? 

@Matt McEver

That is awesome to hear.  I am glad that your first property is performing very well for you.  The market here in is pretty good.  I am looking for my second property now.  I'll be interested to see how the stock market and the Corona Virus affect the housing market here in Arkansas and around the Nation.

Hi @Matt McEver and welcome :)

It's been a while, but I'm not surprised our paths have crossed again. I hope you're doing well.

Let's hop on a call soon and catch up! I'm aiming to close on my first investment property in NWA in early fall of 2020 (I have to close on my first residential property here in Denver first). I'm interested to hear where you purchased your property and who was your agent.