Aspiring Signing Agent, looking for some direction

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Hi Everyone!

I recently listened to the BiggerPockets Money Podcast about side hustles and am very intrigued around the idea of a Signing Agent!

I've been doing some basic research and even followed up with Mark Wills' website, following the podcast. I also received signing documents from a relative to begin reviewing the placements of signatures and initials.

Planning on grabbing the Notary education and license this weekend, in California its a 6-hour course and 30-question quiz. 

Was hoping to be pointed in the right direction as to what to do when first starting out as a signing agent and some best kept secrets of the trade! (Do I NEED to buy a printer prior to getting started?)

Thank you in advance for your time and response!

-A tenacious and motivated Newbie


You’re going to spend around $500-$1000 to get started and you won’t even make that your first year. Read my posts on the subject. No title companies pay over $150 and most of the work you will get is $50-$70 with some jobs being $90-$100 from signing services, which will take you weeks to sign up for a few hundred of them. Then you May get a few requests that won’t even cover your expenses. With remote online notarization becoming main steam, mobile notaries doing closings will be a thing of the past.

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