Can I assign contract to more than 1 buyer at a time?

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I think I made a mistake. How can I get out of it? Buyer has not see the house but I assigned it to them. They are going to go look at it in a few days. 

Can I still assign it to someone else? Need help.

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No, you can’t assign a contract, or sell a house, to two different parties......that should be obvious. You also don’t sign an assignment contract giving the buyer an option to back out.

@Elijah Glenn, you are correct--you made a mistake.  Never do an assignment with any contingencies except (possibly) that the fee for assignment is due upon closing.  

To sell an assignment for the same property to multiple parties constitutes (in my non-attorney mind) fraud. 

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Had an REO agent once sent out 5 counters that were all 5 accepted by 5 different buyers. Failed to mention that to any of the buyers. I backed out gracefully as I didn't want the headache, not sure if any one sued her for having 5 valid sale contracts on one house.