Are there any landlords or wholesalers in the Indianapolis area?

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My name is Sierra and I am a newbie to the real estate investing industry. I am still working on the education phase of my journey, but I want to start taking a lot more action as soon as I can. I’ve decided that I want to start out wholesaling and as I get more experience I would like to get into investing in rental properties as well. I would absolutely love to connect with anyone that is currently in either market. I am looking to network with someone who would be willing to share the experiences in real estate investing and also listen to any advice you may have.

Hi Sierra - Welcome to BP! I am a newbie as well who is currently house hacking.  In my relative short time on BP, I've found it to be extremely useful and beneficial to set keyword search alerts for "Indianapolis" and you'll start to see who the main players in the Indianapolis market are and a good way to identify potential individuals you may want to further connect with.  

Hope that helps! 


Hey Sierra,

Welcome. I think it will be important to define your strategy. Are you looking to flip? BRRRR? Or do you want to be more of a passive buy/hold investor? There are a lot of ways to skin the cat, as they say. Having clarity about what you want to do will help you find the right people and resources.