What to do with $10k?!

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I am a 20 year old college student with a mind for real estate. Problem is I lack the loads of funding it would normally take to start.

What is the BP communities different opinions on what I could do with $10k in today’s market?

 Hey @Jake Greener! I'm in the exact same position: 20 y/o student with limited capital. While I am very new and will not pretend to give you professional advice, I can repeat some of what I've been told so far. Networking is going to be your best friend in order to raise the needed funds to acquire a property. (Actually networking is essential regardless of capital, but you get the point).

Something @Kevin Brenner told me when I asked about his process for investing in small MFH (Multi-Family Homes) from a distance with low capital: You have the best tool for fundraising in your hand/pocket right now. The contacts in your phone are a great place to start looking for funds. Many people are interested in investing in Real Estate but don't know how. That is where we come in. 

Their money + Your hustle/knowledge/experience + A kick-*** team = Returns for everyone

I'd love to stay in touch as we go on this REI journey together! Emboldening to see people just like me out here.

Well, I would hold on to it, keep saving, take some time to read Set for Life by @Scott Trench. It would have been really nice to be your age and have that book in my hands.

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