How young did you get started?

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Hey guys! I’m 19 and plan on buying my first multi family next year at the age of 20! Just wanted to know how old some of you were when you guys got started and get some motivation out of it! :) how and when did you get started?

I was almost 27 and I bought my first property that was a duplex.  I lived in the back unit and rented out the front unit.  I did all maintenance and repairs.  I got a crash course in being a landlord.

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@Blake McFarlane

I bough my first property at 23 in west palm beach , first home now first investment property.

Never too young to start my advise would be to do as much research as you can prior to making your first purchase once you pull the trigger it’s really hard to go back.

@Blake McFarlane I’m 16, and I’m getting started right now, I’ve been in the education process for almost a year now, and I’m gonna start shadowing some investors here in a few days.

@Blake McFarlane I was 21 when I bought my first duplex to house hack. Its changed my life (really). I wanted to be a doctor lol, now I am in real estate full time.

Bought my first house (primary) at 23. First duplex at 28. I had intentions on getting started when I was 18-20, but just wasn't ready/didn't have enough knowledge.